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Table 1 Final panel of antibodies

From: Computational flow cytometric analysis to detect epidermal subpopulations in human skin

  Characteristic being measured Alternative name Antibody name Vendor catalog # Purpose
(clone name) (dilution used)
BV421 Cell surface protein c-kit CD117 BD#562,434 Keratinocytes in rete ridges (Jiang et al. [7])
(YB5B8) 1:25
BV510 Cell surface protein MU138 CD146 BD#563,255 Epidermal appendage (Schon et al. [31])
(P1H12) 1:100
BV605 Cell surface protein Heat-stable antigen(HSA) CD24 Biolegend#311,123 Differentiated keratinocytes (Thierry Magnaldo [34])
(ML5) 1:25
APC Cell surface protein Integrin β1 CD29 BD#559,883 Basal cells (Kaur and Li 2000)
(MAR4) 01:12.5
APC-Cy7 Cell surface protein Leukocyte common antigen (LCA) CD45 BD#557,833 Leukocytes
(2D1) 1:50
PE Cell surface protein Integrinα6 CD49f BD#555,736 Epidermal basal cells (Kaur and Li 2000)
(GoH3) 1:25
PE-Cy7 Cell surface protein My10 CD34
BD#580,710 Outer root sheath of anagen hair follicles cells (Poblet et al. [35])
FITC Cell surface protein   TLR7 Novus#NBP2-24,906 Basal stem cell (Yin et al. [38])
PI Double-stranded DNA    Keygen#KGA106