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Fig. 6

From: Organ-on-a-chip: recent breakthroughs and future prospects

Fig. 6

(reprinted with permission from [112] Copyright © 2017, Royal Society of Chemistry)

a Multi-throughput multi-organ-on-a-plate systems; b projection of a culture device containing a 4 × 4 culture chamber illustrated through a culture chamber of an X–X’ cross section; c design of microfluidic networks in the microfluidic plates for 8-throughput 2-organ systems and a 4-throughput 4-organ system. Design of the microfluidic networks in microfluidic plates for eight-channel dual-organ systems and four-flux four-organ systems. Closed circles indicate the location of the hole leading to the top surface of the microfluidic plate. Dark and light-shaded areas are deep and shallow microfluidic channels, respectively. Areas surrounded by green lines represent the circulation culture unit. Blue lines indicate the wall of the culture room. Thin red lines surrounding the exit indicate the Laplace valve. d Media circulation was performed using pneumatic pressure in the two-organ system. Red arrows indicate the direction of media flow

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