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Figure 5

From: Coupling treatment planning with navigation system: a new technological approach in treatment of head and neck tumors by electrochemotherapy

Figure 5

Progression of metastasis coverage with electric fields in excess of 400 V/cm for the metastasis No. 1. Each figure (A-H) shows the active electrodes, marked in Arabic numerals, of the 8 electrode pairs used with the coverage following the actual pulse delivery. The figure shows overlapping coverage in most parts of the metastasis, which ensures additional robustness of the treatment. Metastasis is marked light green, and the area exposed to an electric field higher than 400 V/cm appears red. While overlapping coverage with more pulses would eventually lead to irreversible electroporation at the electric fields delivered in this case, it should be noted that only 64 pulses were delivered in total, while typically 90 pulses per electrode pair are used in irreversible electroporation.

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