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Table 4 Correlation coefficients between the knee deformity and alignment measurement errors

From: Effect of limb rotation on radiographic alignment measurement in mal-aligned knees

Correlation coefficient Knee flexion (non-weight-bearing) Coronal deformity (non-weight-bearing) Coronal deformity (weight-bearing)
Deviation range of HKA 0.933** 0.307* 0.635**
Deviation range of FTA 0.861** 0.504** 0.639**
  1. The deviation range of HKA and FTA are specific parameters representing the measurement error of mechanical and anatomical alignment, respectively. The correlation coefficient greater than 0 indicates a positive correlation
  2. *Correlation is significant at 0.05 level (two-tailed)
  3. **Correlation is significant at 0.01 level (two-tailed)