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Table 2 Learning domains and specific learning objectives

From: Advancing global health through engineering: a perspective on teaching an online global health course to engineers during a global pandemic

Teaching and learning method Learning domain Learning objectives
Interactive lecture -Key knowledge relating to medicine, science and basic engineering concepts
-Grasp basic concepts in health and science
-Evaluate the effectiveness of solutions
-Listening and interacting with rest of class
-Readiness to contribute and share ideas
-The effects of forces on the body in trauma
-Principles of atherosclerosis causing heart disease, stroke, and hypertension
-Pathophysiology of diabetes, asthma and epilepsy
-Describe the effects of exercise on muscle and metabolism
-Give a definition of global health
-Give examples of engineering projects that impact the social determinants of health
-Describe the properties of materials used in engineering
-Define risk and hazards
-Describe the principles of effectiveness and efficiency of machines
Listening to presentations from students -Pay attention and actively participate in class
-Listening and interacting with rest of class
-Listen, offer suggestions, answer questions
-Rate effectiveness of solutions
-Readiness to contribute and share ideas
-Offer constructive feedback
-Formulate questions
-Construct reasoned arguments
-Back up assertions with evidence
Research and problem-solving in class -Organise information and classify importance
-Apply basic engineering concepts to health problems
-Analyse problems
-Proficiency in critical appraisal of online information
-Formulate research questions
-Source reliable information (in local languages and English)
-Critically appraise information
-Perform health needs assessment
Preparation and presentation -Organise information and classify importance
-Learning presentation skills
-Gaining proficiency in preparing presentations and presenting
-Gaining proficiency in English comprehension and writing
-Explanation of complex engineering mechanisms and physical concepts
-Classroom specific presentation skills
-Online specific presentation skills
-Design short, effective PowerPoint presentations
-Speak fluently, with expertise, agency and confidence
-Answer questions precisely and with expertise
-Engage with the audience
Writing abstract -Organise information and classify importance -Provide written background, define problem, describe solution succinctly
-Correct English and grammar