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Table 7 Analysis of the statistical differences between dataset A and dataset B)

From: Lesion segmentation in breast ultrasound images using the optimized marked watershed method

\(\text {Textural features}\) \( {p\, \text{value}}\) \(\text {Textural features}\) \(p\,\text{value}\)
\(\text {Difference entropy}\) 1.81e−05 \(\text {Sum entropy}\) 5.45e-27
\(\text {Correlation}\) 4.31e−08 \(\text {Angular second moment}\) 5.45e-27
\(\text {Sum average}\) 0.02 \(\text {Contrast}\) 2.37e-52
\(\text {Variance}\) 5.06e−33 \(\text {Entropy}\) 1.85e-10
\(\text {Difference variance }\) 7.80e−31 \(\text {Homogeneity}\) 1.39e-25
\(\text {Sum variance}\) 1.81e−05 \(\text {Variance}\) 1.38e-10
\(\text {Information measure of correlation}\) 7.19e−36