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Table 6 Example of IMF ranking matrix

From: Epileptic seizure classifications using empirical mode decomposition and its derivative

ComponentOrder of IMF
Correlation coefficient768954103111212
PSD distance123456789101112
p value321749561081112
  1. Here, \(7{\text{th}}\) IMF has the highest energy while \(12{\text{th}}\) IMF has the lowest energy.
  2. \(7{\text{th}}\) IMF has the highest correlation coefficient while \(2{\text{nd}}\) IMF has the lowest correlation coefficient.
  3. \(1{\text{st}}\) IMF has the lowest PSD distance while \(12{\text{th}}\) IMF has the highest PSD distance.
  4. \(3{\text{rd}}\) IMF has the highest p value while \(12{\text{th}}\) IMF has the lowest p value.
  5. Each row shows the ranking of the obtained IMFs according to that features