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Fig. 3

From: Selective modulation of neuronal firing by pulse stimulations with different frequencies in rat hippocampus

Fig. 3

Modulating the neuronal firing in downstream region by stimulations of Schaffer collaterals. a An example of a pulse train (0.5 s) with a lower frequency of 20 Hz. Top to bottom: raw recording, MUA signal, raster plot of unit spikes, and a segment of expanded MUA signal. b Neuronal firing induced by pulse trains (0.5 s) with a higher frequency of 100 Hz. Top (4 rows): a typical sweep of stimulation. Bottom: dynamic changes of the mean firing rate of MUA calculated from 10 sweeps of identical stimulations. The red bars or the shadow area in plots denotes the stimulation period. The dashed lines with a “” in the expanded signals denote removed stimulation artifacts

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