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Table 11 MPE in stair ascent with other algorithms

From: Estimating metabolic equivalents for activities in daily life using acceleration and heart rate in wearable devices

Algorithm Refs. Features Activity MPE [%]
Proposed model   Accelerometer, %HRR Stair ascent/descent 9.90
ActiGraph new 2-regression model [9] Count Stair ascent/descent − 11.76
Actiheart combined activity and HR algorithm [22] Counta HR Stair ascent/descent − 20.51
Proposed model   Accelerometer,  %HRR Stair ascent − 2.24
Matteo Voleno [19] Accelerometer, barometer Stair ascent 6.6
Jinging Wang [32] 21 features (form accelerometer and barometer) Stair ascent − 1.96
  1. a‘Count’ is the index calculated from acceleration using ActiGraph