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Fig. 10

From: Numerical analysis of the pressure drop across highly-eccentric coronary stenoses: application to the calculation of the fractional flow reserve

Fig. 10

Instantaneous values of vorticity (a), velocity (b), stagnation pressure difference \(P_s-P_{s1}\) (c) and static pressure difference \(P-P_1\) (d) fields in the artery mid-plane. Here, the subscript 1 denotes the average value over the pos-stenotic section defined in Fig. 3a. The results were made dimensionless using D, \(v_{0m}\) and \(\rho v_{0m}^2\) as units of length, velocity and pressure, respectively. In other words, the vorticity, velocity and pressure values were divided by \(v_{0m}/D,\) \(v_{0m}\) and \(\rho v_{0m}^2,\) respectively. The values of the governing parameters are \({\mathcal {S}}=0.583,\)\(\text{SRI}=\infty,\) \(\omega=\eta =0,\) Re = 1268 and \(\alpha=0\)

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