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Table 1 System specifications of the 4-DOFs ECS

From: Development of stereo endoscope system with its innovative master interface for continuous surgical operation

Specification item Unit Joints  
Installing posture    Floor mounted
Construction    Two-parallel link structure
Degrees of freedom    4
Drive method   J1–J4 Closed loop stepping system
Operation range ˚ J1 ±45
J2 ±60
J4 ±360
mm J3 160
Maximum speed rpm J1, J2, J4 3000
mm/s J3 50
Resolution /rev. J1, J2 10,000
J4 4000
/mm J3 4000
Entire system’s workspace cm3   20378.3
Master interface    iNMI
Sterilization    Not available
  1. DOF degrees of freedom, ECS endoscope control system, iNMI improved Novel master interface