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Table 3 Calculated values of U c and corresponding Ett min , Ett max and E max for plate electrodes.

From: Analytical and numerical quantification and comparison of the local electric field in the tissue for different electrode configurations

2 plate electrode configuration Target tissue
Target tissue
Entire tissue
Needed voltage on the electrodes-Uc (V)
(Fig. 3a) U/d = 1300 U/d = 1300 U/d = 1300 U = 1125.83
(Fig. 3b) 1345.8 U/d = 1300 6441.5 1168
(Fig. 3c) 2001 U/d = 1300 10242 1851
  1. The needed voltage between the electrodes (U c ) was chosen in a way that the minimal electric field inside the target tissue exceeded U/d: Ett min U/d, thus assuring successful permeabilization of the entire target tissue.