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Table 5 Summary of differences in model parameters for each group after ischemia

From: Ischemia reperfusion dysfunction changes model-estimated kinetics of myofilament interaction due to inotropic drugs in isolated hearts

Parameter Con Dbt Dop Dig Lev
α 1 (1/μM•s)
α a (1/μM•s) NC
β 1 (1/μM•s)
β a (1/μM•s)
K 2 (1/μM•s) NC
K 3 (1/s) NC NC
K 4 (1/s) NC NC
K d (1/s)
K d ' (1/s)
  1. Arrows indicate directional differences in model parameters after ischemia compared to before ischemia in each group. NC = no change. Data obtained 25 min before and 35 min after global ischemia in control hearts (no drug treatment).