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Table 1 Listing of physical parameters. The table shows the physical parameters for native tissue and for coagulated-tissue, as well as for blood [25]. The small letters indicate the references where the material parameters are taken from: a) [20], b) [26], c) [27], d) [28], e) [29].

From: A finite element method model to simulate laser interstitial thermo therapy in anatomical inhomogeneous regions

  Muscle Blood
  Native Coagulated  
Absorption coefficient, μ a (cm-1) a) 0.23 a) 0.22 b) 0.44
Scattering coefficient, μ s ' (cm-1) a) 1.3 a) 13 b) 2.78
Density, ρ (kg cm-3) c), d) 1.04·10-3 d) 1.06·10-3
Specific heat capacity, c (J kg-1 °C-1) d) 3.64·103 d) 3.89·103
Heat conductivity, k (W cm-1 °C-1) c) 5.18·10-3 e) 5.4·10-3