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Figure 16

From: From wavelets to adaptive approximations: time-frequency parametrization of EEG

Figure 16

Spectral estimates of power in the frequency range of sleep spindles. Columns correspond to results for the night after administrating, from left to right: placebo, zolpidem, midazolam. Each row contains results for one subject. Plots present average (in stage II) spectrum between 12 and 14 Hz. Numbers on the right of each plot, from the top: % change of power related to the night after administrating placebo (absent in the first column), value of the total power between 12 and 14 Hz (μV2), it's mean square error (mse) and total time of stage II (in minutes) for given recording. We observe general trend of increase of power in this band, except for one case – the last subject, night after midazolam (bottom right)

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