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Table 1 Chemical components and their relative percentages by weight (% w/t) within the total mixture used to formulate the resin composites from this study.

From: Predictive algorithms for determination of reflectance data from quantity of pigments within experimental dental resin composites

Component Chemical Name % w/t
45% BisGMA Bisphenol A glycerolatedimethacrylate 68.8%
  45% TEGDMA Triethylene glycol dimethacrylate  
  10% UDMA DiurethaneDimethacrylate  
Inorganic Filler SiO2 Glass Spheres [Φ: 9-13µm] 30%
Photo Activator Camphorquinone 0.7%
Accelerator 2-(Dimethylamino)ethyl methacrylate 0.35%
Inhibitor Butylatedhydroxytoluene 0.05%
Fluorescent Agent 1.4-Bis(2-benzoxazolyl)naphthalene 0.04%
Pigment Pigment 1 (P1) FeO·OH 0.06%
  Pigment 2 (P2) FeO  
  Pigment 3 (P3) TiO2  
  Pigment 4 (P4) Fe2O3