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Table 2 The Time- domain parameter Identification based on graphical method [ [26]]

From: Functional-thermoregulatory model for the differential diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis

Symbol Parameter name Calculation description
K Process gain* Process gain is determined by dividing the steady state output (t → )
   (assumed to be the final output value of y(t)) by the input set point value (T).
LT Lag time The lag time or dead time is the time interval between the input being applied to the system
   and the output responding to this signal. The time delay from the onset
   of the re-warming process and the end of the isometric exercise is often
   referred to as lag time (LT) [6].
a Open loop pole location It is the inverse of system time constant.
   The system time constant is the time taken for the output
   to reach 63% of the final value.
  1. *Integral Control gain was used to study the whole model gain, as we adapted the process transfer function to be unitary gain one [6].