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Table 2 Comparison of static inclination angles provided by F4A, by GA and by the tringular plate

From: Estimation of pelvis kinematics in level walking based on a single inertial sensor positioned close to the sacrum: validation on healthy subjects with stereophotogrammetric system

Static Angles F4A GA Cluster
Tilt 21.23 (2.28) 11.69 (2.49) 22.24 (2.17)
Obliquity -1.22 (3.40) 0.31 (1.28) -1.87 (2.62)
  1. The static inclination angles in the sagittal (tilt) and frontal (obliquity) planes as estimated by the F4A, as calculated by GA, and by the triangular plate of markers: mean and standard deviation over 5 representative subjects. Rotation angle cannot be calculated by the F4A in static because it is worked out by the inclinometer in only two anatomical planes. Unit is degree.