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Table 2 Optimal parameter regions for achieving different image quality bounds

From: Optimal compressed sensing reconstructions of fMRI using 2D deterministic and stochastic sampling geometries

Geometry class Threshold Inner bounding box
   Min α Max α Min β Max β
DPE 62.5% 45 dB 8.0808e-05 2.8687e-04 2.5758e-04 3.9697e-04
DPE 48.5% 40 dB 1.4949e-04 2.5253e-04 2.3434e-04 3.9697e-04
DPE 32.8% 35 dB 2.1111e-04 3.0404e-04 3.8990e-04 4.9293e-04
DPE 21.9% 30 dB 4.2424e-04 6.3030e-04 2.8081e-04 3.2727e-04
SLP 62.5% 45 dB 2.5253e-04 4.2424e-04 1.4141e-04 1.8788e-04
SLP 40.6% 40 dB 1.4949e-04 2.8687e-04 7.1717e-05 2.1111e-04
SLP 20.3% 35 dB 8.0808e-05 1.4949e-04 4.8485e-05 9.4949e-05
SLP 20.3% 30 dB 1.2121e-05 1.4949e-04 2.5253e-05 9.4949e-05
Geometry class Threshold Outer bounding box
   Min α Max α Min β Max β
DPE 62.5% 45 dB -2.2222e-05 3.8990e-04 1.8788e-04 4.6667e-04
DPE 48.5% 40 dB 4.6465e-05 3.2121e-04 1.6465e-04 5.1313e-04
DPE 32.8% 35 dB 1.1818e-04 3.7374e-04 1.4949e-04 5.9596e-04
DPE 21.9% 30 dB 1.4141e-04 3.9697e-04 2.5253e-04 7.3333e-04
SLP 62.5% 45 dB 4.6465e-05 4.5859e-04 7.1717e-05 3.0404e-04
SLP 40.6% 40 dB 2.8687e-04 4.2424e-04 2.0202e-06 3.0404e-04
SLP 20.3% 35 dB -2.2222e-05 2.5253e-04 -2.1212e-05 1.8788e-04
SLP 20.3% 30 dB -5.6566e-05 2.5253e-04 -2.1212e-05 2.5758e-04
  1. This table provides bounding box parameters that are needed for achieving different performance levels.