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Table 2 Comparison of image homogeneity of different age group before and after the anisotropic diffusion processing

From: An artifacts removal post-processing for epiphyseal region-of-interest (EROI) localization in automated bone age assessment (BAA)

Age Group Image Homogeneity
Before Anisotropic Diffusion
Image Homogeneity
After Anisotropic Diffusion
0-3 0.7056 0.8235
3-6 0.6984 0.8245
7-9 0.7132 0.8365
10-12 0.7189 0.8423
12-14 0.7028 0.8212
14-16 0.6927 0.8234
16-18 0.7056 0.8345
  1. This table tabulates the homogeneity value of hand radiograph before and after the anisotropic diffusion. 100 test images are chosen: the test image chosen randomly from each group age of children with different shapes and sizes. The homogeneity is based on the gray level co-occurrence matrix; it illustrates the texture of the resultant image: higher value indicates higher degree of smoothness and vice versa.