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Table 3 Input features to the recognition system

From: Classification of voice disorder in children with cochlear implantation and hearing aid using multiple classifier fusion

features description
f0 Fundamental frequency of the voice signal
RI(Relative Intensity) Ratio of intensity to the maximum intensity in syllable.
f1 Frequency of the first formant
f2 Frequency of the second formant
f3 Frequency of the third formant
f1/f2 Ratio of first to second formant frequencies
Nasality (1/(Af1-A1k)) Reverse of the difference between amplitude of the first formant and spectral extra peak at 1 kHz
Entropy Approximate entropy of the voice signal
Fractal dimension Fractal dimension of the speech phase space
Lyapanov exponent Lyapanov exponent of the voice signal
Mean energy of Wavelet coefficients Mean energy of Wavelet coefficients in scales 7,8 and 9