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Table 4 Summary of intelligent ML-based SAA using augmented signals

From: A review of progress and an advanced method for shock advice algorithms in automated external defibrillators

Refs., Year Database Signal for FE, Segment length Method description ICF FS FV Limitation Key Findings
[44], 2017 CUDB, VFDB ECG segment, NSH signal using MVMD, 8 s Reconstruction of NSH signal using MVMD. 54 GA and SFFS using 3 ML classifiers and fivefolds CV. Fivefolds CV Limited database. FFC of 20 features with SVM.
Use of both stand-alone ECG and NSH signals for FE. Time-comsuming for FS. Effective twolayered FS.
The two-layered FS with 3 ML classifiers to select 3 CFCs.   NSH signal using MVMD.
Validation of CFCs and a combination of all ICFs using 5-folds CV.   Expansion of new ICFs.
[45], 2018 CUDB ECG segment, (ECG segment)\(^2\) using Stationary wavelet transform, 4.1 s Calculation of sample entropy for 10 selected bands using Stationary wavelet transform. 24 Bandwidth ranking with score NA Limited database. Short segment.
Bands ranked by NT-score which is a combination of relief, gain ratio, and fisher score. No validation. Expansion of ICFs from ECG segment and square of ECG segment.
Performance of 3 ML classifiers for VFVT/non-VFVT and VF/non-VF scenarios. Limited number of ICFs