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Table 2 Correlations of aBMD and bone structural parameters with maximum fracture force of femoral neck in terms of Spearman’s correlation coefficient (r) and probability (p)

From: Intermittent parathyroid hormone treatment affects the bone structural parameters and mechanical strength of the femoral neck after ovariectomy-induced osteoporosis in rats

Parameter (unit) Spearman’s correlation of the parameters with maximum fracture force of femoral neck Note
r p
Bone mineral density
 aBMD 0.469 0.078 NC
Cancellous bone
 BV/TV (%) 0.425 0.114 NC
 TbTh (mm) 0.257 0.355 NC
 TbSp (mm) − 0.132 0.638 NC
 TbN (mm−1) 0.504 0.056 NC
Cortical bone
 CtTh (mm) − 0.486 0.066 NC
 vBMD (g/cm3) 0.027 0.924 NC
 CSA (mm2) 0.682 0.005 High correlation
 BSI 0.700 0.004 High correlation
  1. BV/TV bone volume/total volume; TbTh trabecular bone thickness; TbSp trabecular bone separation; TbN trabecular bone number; CtTh cortical bone thickness; vBMD volumetric bone mineral density; CSA cross-sectional area; BSI bone strength index (vBMD  ×  CSA); NC no correlation