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Table 3 The features after the process of HAFS

From: Pulmonary lesion subtypes recognition of COVID-19 from radiomics data with three-dimensional texture characterization in computed tomography images

Dimension of features Kind of features Characteristics
2D First order Length, Mean, Max, Var, ASM, Energy
3D First order Robust mean absolute deviation, Mean, Root mean squared, Range, Interquartile range, Skewness
Glszm Gray-level variance, High gray-level zone emphasis, Zone percentage, Small area low gray-level emphasis
Glrlm Long-run high gray-level emphasis, Difference variance, Gray-level nonuniformity normalized, Run percentage
Glcm Sum squares, Id, Joint average
Gldm Dependence nonuniformity normalized, Dependence entropy, Dependence entropy
Shape Major axis length