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Table 3 Small intestinal spike waves compared to colonic spike burst activity

From: Intraoperative serosal extracellular mapping of the human distal colon: a feasibility study

Features Small intestinal spike activity* Colonic spike burst activity
Duration (s) 0.5–1 s 10–180 s
Event frequency (Hz or cpm)  ~ 10 Hz (~ 600 cpm) 24–48 cpm
Burst frequency 6–12/min Sporadic/random (< 3/min)
Amplitude 50–100 uV 400–2000 uV
Morphology Biphasic/variable Biphasic; regular activity (n = 2); irregular/sporadic activity (n = 5)
Propagation Short-durations or absent Absent
  1. *The small intestine spike activity metrics was extracted from study by Erickson et al. [26] with permission