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Table 1 Patient demographics and clinical details

From: Intraoperative serosal extracellular mapping of the human distal colon: a feasibility study

Patient Age and gender Type of surgery Primary pathology Mode of anaesthesia
1 71F Open APR Anal SCC General + epidural
2 72F Open RH Caecal cancer General
3 75M Lap RH Ascending colon cancer General
4 33M Lap extended RH Transverse colon cancer General
5 69F Open RH Metastatic endometrial cancer General + epidural
6 42M Lap RH Large hepatic flexure polyp General
7 59F Lap RH Transverse colon cancer General
8 66F Open sigmoid colectomy + distal pancreatectomy Metastatic endometrial cancer General + epidural
9 55M Lap appendicectomy Appendiceal mucocele General
10 53M Open RH + duodenal wedge Crohn’s stricture General + epidural
11 68F Lap RH Caecal cancer General
  1. Lap laparoscopic, APR  abdominoperineal resection, RH  right hemicolectomy, SCC squamous cell carcinoma