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Table 1 Text for speech recording in Mandarin and its corresponded English translation

From: Sch-net: a deep learning architecture for automatic detection of schizophrenia

Emotion Text (Mandarin) Text (English)
Calm Ta yi nian si ji dou ke yi kai hua, hua duo yi ban shi hong se huo fen se de. It can bloom all year round, and the flowers are generally red or pink.
Anger Gen ni shuo le duo shao ci le, bu xu wan wo de wan! Kan ba, wan bei da sui le! Ni zhen de shi yao qi si wo! I told you so many times that you are not allowed to play with my bowls! Look, the bowl is shattered! You are really mad at me!
Fear Ma ma, dui bu qi, wo...wo...wo bu shi gu yi de. Mom, I’m sorry, I...I...I didn’t mean it!
Happiness Ha ha, tai hao la! Tai hao la! Ma ma, ma ma, wo kao le 98 fen! Awesome, it’s awesome! Mom, Mom, I got 98 points!