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Table 1 Course structure: the three components of the course with examples of topics covered

From: Advancing global health through engineering: a perspective on teaching an online global health course to engineers during a global pandemic

Course components Number of sessions Topic examples
1 Address a community/family/individual health need 9 -Road safety
-Safety in the home
-Exercise at work
-Food technology
-Monitoring chronic disease
-Oxygen delivery
-Waste disposal
-Prevention of spread of COVID-19 and infection
-Powering medical devices in low-resource settings
2 Research a historical engineering innovation that changed public health 2 -Clean water and sewage networks
-Hospital waste management
-Waste collection and recycling
-Computer tomography (CT)
-Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
-Steam power
-Clean energy sources
-Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO)
3 Innovate for an unmet health need with technology of the future 2 -Paraplegia: exoskeleton, virtual reality, nerve/muscle stimulation
-Oxygen extraction from the sea
-GPS for the blind
-Home ECG
-Home prescription dispenser
-Ultrasonic migraine detector
-Gas leak sensor
-CO2 absorption through biotechnology
-P53 targeted chemotherapy
-Anaesthesia through brain inhibition
-Remote robotic surgery