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Table 1 Wavelet parameters for power and phase-locking analysis

From: Event-related EEG oscillatory responses elicited by dynamic facial expression

  Delta Theta Alpha
Frequency Band 1–3.5 Hz 4–7 Hz 8–13 Hz
Frequency step (logarithmic step) 60 60 60
Morlet parameter c (cycle) 3 3 3
Wavelet output normalizationa
 Output values Spectral power (μV2) Spectral power (μV2) Spectral power (μV2)
 Normalization method Decibel (dB) Decibel (dB) Decibel (dB)
 Reference Interval (ms) start -500, end -300 start -500, end -300 start -500, end -300
  1. aOutput normalization methods were applied only for power analysis