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Table 1 Part list for VPS build

From: Visceral pressure stimulator for exploring hollow organ pain: a pilot study

Item Catalog number Quantity Manufacturer Notes
Off-the-shelf components
 Cora Z7: Zynq-7000 Single Core and Dual Core Options for ARM/FPGA SoC 410-370-1 1 Digilent Main processing board
 Pmod SSR: solid state relay electronic switch 410-342 1 Digilent Relay to control the pinch valve
 Pmod AD1: Two 12-bit A/D inputs 410-064 1 Digilent ADC input
 Pmod DA2: two 12-bit D/A outputs 410-113 1 Digilent DAC output
Power supply components
 ups_pwr2 PCB   1 OSHPARK
 TERM BLK 2P SIDE ENT 2.54 mm PCB 277-1273-ND 1 Phoenix Contact Screw terminals for 12VDC
 TERM BLK 6P SIDE ENT  2.54 mm PCB 277-1277-ND 1 Phoenix Contact Screw terminals for GND
 DC CONVERTER 5 V 5 W 1951-2747-ND 1 Traco Power Primary 12VDC to 5VDC converter
Case and external connectors
 USB CIRCULAR CABLE UNSEALED SAM10681-ND 1 Samtec Inc For exposing the USB host of the main processing board
 ADAPTER USB B RCPT TO USB A RCPT SAM8637-ND 1 Samtec Inc For exposing the USB serial Linux terminal of the main processing board
 RJ45,C SIZE PANEL SCREW 5E F CON 1754-1125-ND 1 Amphenol LTW RJ45 Ethernet to the main processing board
 CONN PWR JACK 2.5 × 5.5 mm SOLDER SC1048-ND 1 Switchcraft Inc 12VDC Power input
 BOX ALUM GRAY 4.88"L × 7.13"W HM2530-ND 1 Hammond Manufacturing Main box
 LED PNL IND 7 mm GRN INTERNL 350-2924-ND 1 Dialight Power indicator light
 SWITCH ROCKER SPST 10A 125 V EG1889-ND 1 E-Switch Power switch
 FUSE HLDR CART 250 V 10A PNL MNT F3125-ND 1 Littelfuse Inc Fuse holder for protection
 FUSE GLASS 4A 125VAC 5 × 20 mm F4729-ND 1 Littelfuse Inc Fuse for protection
DAC/ADC connectorized board
 Ups analog interface PCB   1
 RES SMD 0 Ω JUMPER 1/8 W 0805 311–0.0ARCT-ND 20 Yageo (VA) Board mount jumpers
 CONN SMA JACK R/A 50 Ω PCB A97593-ND 2 TE Connectivity AMP Connectors Board mount, right angle SMA connectors
 CONN HEADER VERT 6POS 2.54 mm SAM1029-06-ND 2 Samtec Inc Pmod to connectorized board connection bus
 Pressure sensor SPD002GAsil 1 Smartec Pressure transducer sensor
Misc connectors and parts
 1/4 HEX × 1/2 LENGTH 1772-2591-ND 15 RAF Electronic Hardware Standoffs for board mounting
 MACHINE SCREW PAN PHILLIPS 6–32 36-9903-ND 15 Keystone Electronics Screws for board mounting
 Pmod Cable Kit: 6-pin 6ʺ 240-021-6 1 Digilent Pmod cable to connect main board to Pmod
 2 × 6-pin to Dual 6-pin Pmod Splitter Cable 240-110 1 Digilent Pmod cable to connect main board to Pmod
 Pmod Clip: Mechanical Mount for Pmod boards 240-107 1 Digilent Pmod mount clip
 12 V, 3A power supply 240-057 1 Digilent Main 12VDC supply