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Table 2 Five oscillometric parameters selected by MIL and RFE

From: Machine learning associated with respiratory oscillometry: a computer-aided diagnosis system for the detection of respiratory abnormalities in systemic sclerosis

  Control group versus patients with sclerosis and normal spirometry (CGvsPSNS) Control group versus patients with sclerosis and altered spirometry (CGvsPSAS)
MIL Xm, R0, S, Rm, Cdin fr, R0, Rm, Zrs, Cdyn
RFE fr, R0, Rm, Zrs, Cdin Fr, Xm, Rm, Zrs, Cdin
  1. fr: resonance frequency; Xm: mean respiratory reactance; R0: respiratory resistance extrapolated at 0 Hz; S: slope of the linear relationship of resistance versus frequency; Rm: mean respiratory resistance; Zrs: absolute value of respiratory impedance in 4 Hz; Cdyn: respiratory system dynamic compliance