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Table 3 AJCC staging system for bone sarcoma

From: Osteosarcoma: a review of current and future therapeutic approaches

Stage Grade (G) Size (T) Lymph node (N) Metastasis (M)
IA G1—low T1 < 8 cm N0—none M0—none
IB G1—low T2 > 8 cm N0—none M0—none
IIA G2—high T1 < 8 cm N0—none M0—none
IIB G2—high T2 > 8 cm N0—none M0—none
III Any G Any T Skip metastasis Skip metastasis
IVA Any G Any T N0—none M1—lung metastasis
IVB Any G Any T N1—lymph node metastasis or N0 M1—non-lung metastasis