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Table 1 Timeline of modification and development of EPG

From: The technology of tongue and hard palate contact detection: a review

Year Modification and development of EPG Refs
1974–1978 Europe, EPG developed at Reading University [14, 15]
1979 Japan, the Rion Co Ltd patented a flexible insulative circuit board and improvement in the fabrication method [16]
1978 US, Development of Palatometer by Fletcher [17]
1981 Japan, the Rion Co Ltd patented EPG by introducing a single signal-receiving electrode by a single detector [12]
1982 The Rion Co Ltd again patented their EPG by improving transmission and receiver from the EPG to the display device [13]
1989 T-shape cut-out by Hardcastle et al. with flexible circuit design [4]
1991 The Reading palate improvement in hardware and software design [18]
2005 Fletcher produced patented three-lobed structure [19]
2007 Wrench developed and patented articulate-style palate [3, 20]
2014 Ghovanloo et al. patented wireless Real-time Tongue Tracking [21]
2018 Development on SmartPalate [11]