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Table 1 The quantitative performance for the four different data augmentation strategies

From: Automatic segmentation of coronary lumen and external elastic membrane in intravascular ultrasound images using 8-layer U-Net

Augmentation strategies MIoU (lumen) MIoU (EEM-CSA)
No augmentation 0.872 0.703
Flip–Rotate 0.915 0.759
MeshGrid 0.894 0.747
MeshGrid–Flip–Rotate 0.937 0.804
Ji Yang et al.[10] 0.900 0.860
  1. The italic number results represent best MIoU performance in Lumen and EEM-CSA, our MeshGrid–Flip–Rotate can achieve 0.937 MIoU of lumen, which is better than other methods. But MIoU results of EEM-CSA is 0.804, which is inferior to 0.860 of Ji Yang et al.