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Table 1 All statements of adapted version of intrinsic motivation inventory questionnaire (Ryan et al. [25])

From: The influence of psychological and cognitive states on error-related negativity evoked during post-stroke rehabilitation movements

Item Statement Factor
1 I enjoyed doing this activity very much I
2 I put my maximum effort to maintain the accuracy and complete the exercise within time E
3 I did not feel nervous at all while doing this activity Pa
4 I think this was a boring activity Ia
5 I tried very hard to complete the exercises on time E
6 I was very relaxed while doing this activity Pa
7 I would describe this activity as very interesting I
8 It was important to me to do well at this task E
9 This activity was fun to do I
10 I felt very uneasy while doing this activity P
11 I did not put much energy into this task Ea
12 I thought this activity was quite enjoyable I
13 This activity did not hold my attention at all Ia
14 I was anxious while working on this activity P
15 I did not try very hard to do well at this activity Ea
16 I felt like I was enjoying the activity while I was doing it I
17 I felt pressured while doing these P
  1. The Factor column describes to which subscale the respective statement belongs to, I = interest/enjoyment, E = perceived effort/importance, P = perceived pressure/tension
  2. aScores of these statements were subtracted from 8, before being used for taking an average