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Table 5 Summary of the EEG data set used in the proposed study

From: Epileptic seizure classifications using empirical mode decomposition and its derivative

SubjectsGenderEpileptic focus areasAge-duration
Patient 1FLTemp 
Patient 2FLTemp 
Patient 3FLTemp 
Patient 4FLTemp 
Patient 5FLTemp 
Patient 6MLTemp 
Patient 7MLTemp 
Patient 8MRFron.-TempAge: 37.3\({\mp }\)7
Patient 9MRFron.-TempDuration: 1 min
Patient 10ML.Temp 
Patient 11ML.Temp 
Patient 12MR.Temp 
Patient 13MR.Temp 
Patient 14ML.Temp 
Patient 15ML.Temp. 
Patient 16ML.Temp 
  1. F female, M male, LTemp left temporal, RTemp right temporal, RFron.-Temp right fronto-temporal