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Table 2 Acquisition information of diffusion tensor imaging in the sites 1 and 2

From: Inter-site harmonization based on dual generative adversarial networks for diffusion tensor imaging: application to neonatal white matter development

 Site 1Site 2
MRI scanner versionGE Signa HDXTGE Signa HDXT
Magnetic field3.0 T3.0 T
CoilEight-channel head coilEight-channel head coil
SequenceSingle-shot SE EPISingle-shot SE EPI
Number of gradient directions3530
Number of b018
Nonzero b value (s/mm2)1000600
Repetition time (ms)550011,000
Echo time (ms)9569.5
Slice thickness (mm)42.5
Gap (mm)00
Field of view (mm2)180 × 180180 × 180
Matrix size128 × 128128 × 128
  1. SE spin echo, EPI echo planar imaging