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Table 1 Demographic information of neonates without magnetic resonance imaging abnormalities from two sites

From: Inter-site harmonization based on dual generative adversarial networks for diffusion tensor imaging: application to neonatal white matter development

 Site 1 (n = 42)Site 2 (n = 42)P
Gestational age (median and range, week)40.00 (37.43–42.00)39.71 (37.14–41.71)0.25
Postmenstrual age (median and range, week)41.00 (38.29–43.29)41.07 (38.57–43.71)0.82
Gender (male:female)28:1428:141.00
Birth weight (median and range, g)3300 (1530–4415)3375 (1250–4170)0.36
  1. Mann–Whitney U test is used to test the inter-site differences in the gestational age, the postmenstrual age, and the birth weight. Differences in the gender ratio are tested by using the Chi square test