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Table 2 Recovered conductivity values of the second phantom from the reconstructed CTI images

From: Validation of conductivity tensor imaging using giant vesicle suspensions with different ion mobilities

ROI High-frequency conductivity (\(\sigma _\text{H}\)) Extracellular volume fraction (\(\alpha\)) Extracellular diffusion coefficient (\(d_\text{e}^\text{w}\)) Intracellular diffusion coefficient (\(d_\text{i}^\text{w}\)) Scale factor conductivity (\(\eta\)) Low-frequency
\(C_{xx}\) \(C_{yy}\) \(C_{zz}\)
Giant vesicle suspension \(0.92 \pm 0.05\) \(0.56\pm 0.03\) \(1.65\pm 0.01\) \(0.83\pm 0.03\) \(0.39\pm 0.05\) \(0.46\pm 0.09\) \(0.47\pm 0.08\) \(0.47\pm 0.09\)
Electrolyte #3 \(0.78\pm 0.04\) \(0.93\pm 0.02\) \(1.97\pm 0.02\) \(0.40\pm 0.02\) \(0.59\pm 0.05\)
Electrolyte #4 \(1.01\pm 0.06\) \(1.01\pm 0.01\) \(2.88\pm 0.03\) \(0.34\pm 0.03\) \(0.78\pm 0.08\)
  1. Mean and standard deviation (SD) values of the diagonal components of the conductivity tensor \(\mathbf{C}\) and the intermediate variables including the high-frequency conductivity \(\sigma _\text{H}\), extracellular volume fraction \(\alpha\), extracellular water diffusion coefficient \(d_\text{e}^\text{w}\), intracellular water diffusion coefficient \(d_\text{i}^\text{w}\) and scale factor \(\eta\). The \(\text{mean} \pm \text{SD}\) values were computed from all pixels within each ROI