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Table 4 Insights of changes in trajectories after 2 weeks intervention

From: Reaching exercise for chronic paretic upper extremity after stroke using a novel rehabilitation robot with arm-weight support and concomitant electrical stimulation and vibration: before-and-after feasibility trial

Pt.WristShoulderChange of movement pattern
Movement timeTrajectory lengthDeviationTrajectory lengthDeciationForward displacement
  1. Conditions for the task movement were that the individual patient (Pt.) could reach the maximum distance both before and after the 2 weeks intervention; Pt. 1 to 4 reached the target 30 cm away from the start in the sagittal and vertical directions, and patients 5 and 6 reached the target 20 cm away in the same directions. +, increase; −, decrease; these simply mean the changes of values, not significant changes in the mean. In the column “Change of movement pattern” only, “+” means that the movement pattern of the wrist had changed. “Unclear” was only assessed by the shapes of the trajectories