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Table 4 Upper limb function neuroprostheses

From: Functional electrical stimulation therapy for restoration of motor function after spinal cord injury and stroke: a review

Function Name Target population Number of channels Orthosis use Surface/implanted/percutaneous FDA/CE approval Control interface
Grasping Systems by Rebersek and Vodovnik [31] SCI 3   Surface   Accommodates multiple sensors: (e.g., EMG, linear potentiometer, pressure sensors)
Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation System (NESS) H200 [13] Stroke, SCI 3 Hinged wrist splint Surface FDA Push button
Bionic Glove [12] SCI with active wrist function 3 Fingerless neoprene glove Surface   Wrist position sensor
Freehand System [32] SCI 8   Implanted   Motion sensor mounted on opposite wrist or shoulder
Reaching and grasping Belgrade reaching-grasping system [33] SCI 4   Surface   Push button, accelerometer
The COMPEX Motion Neuroprosthesis for Reaching and Grasping [19] SCI 4   Surface   Accommodates multiple sensors
MyndMove [20] stroke, SCI 8   Surface FDA  
  1. SCI spinal cord injury, EMG electromyography, FDA Federal Drug Administration