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Table 3 Basic information about participants and their GCS assessment results

From: Multifactor consciousness level assessment of participants with acquired brain injuries employing human–computer interfaces

Subject IDAge rangeCauseInterval post-ictus (months)Best eye responseBest motor responseBest verbal responseGCS
0151–60Sudden cardiac arrest172316
0241–50Traffic accident213317
0321–30Sudden cardiac arrest173227
0421–30Traffic accident244318
0551–60Fall down the stairs262338
0641–50Sudden cardiac arrest104329
0751–60Sudden cardiac arrest124419
0821–30Traffic accident3744210
0951–60Sudden cardiac arrest2244210
1041–50Fall from a ladder944311
1161–70Sudden cardiac arrest102215
1351–60Fall down the stairs182316
1441–50Traffic accident442327
1551–60Sudden cardiac arrest222327
1621–30Sudden cardiac arrest223227
1721–30Traffic accident314217
1831–40Sudden cardiac arrest54127
1941–50Traffic accident263328
2161–70Traffic accident133317
2221–30Traffic accident4344210
2451–60Sudden cardiac arrest292215
2631–40Sudden cardiac arrest124217
2751–60Sudden cardiac arrest244116
2851–60Sudden cardiac arrest3544210
2921–30Sudden cardiac arrest293328
3041–50Traffic accident334318
3161–70Sudden cardiac arrest84318
3211–20Sudden cardiac arrest513317
3331–40Traffic accident314217