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Table 5 The statistical analysis of the experimental results of different methods regarding the discrimination of fatty liver disease

From: Ultrasonic liver steatosis quantification by a learning-based acoustic model from a novel shear wave sequence

MethodStatistical results with the corresponding optimal cut-off values from ROC curves for different methods
SEN (%)SPC (%)PPV (%)NPV (%)ACC (%)AUC
Echo attenuation84.3867.8675.0079.1776.670.73
Dispersion slope90.6339.2963.0478.5766.670.60
Shear wave attenuation84.3832.1458.7064.2960.000.54
Shear wave absorption78.1346.4362.5065.0063.330.60
Model by using the combination of all parameters87.5092.8693.3386.6790.000.93