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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria of patients for the study

From: Ultrasonic liver steatosis quantification by a learning-based acoustic model from a novel shear wave sequence

Inclusion criteria
 Age > 18 years
 With a negative hepatitis B virus surface antigen and hepatitis C virus antibody
 Willingness to undergo ultrasound and magnetic resonance examinations
 Signed informed consent form
Exclusion criteria
 With a history of other liver disease or diabetes
 Excess alcoholic drinking [15] (≥ 20 g/day for men and ≥ 10 g/day for women)
 Taking hypolipidemic drug, liver protectant, or drugs that could cause steatosis
 With clinical symptoms or signs of other liver disease
 MR examination contraindications (such as claustrophobia, cardiac pacemakers or metal implants)
 Pregnant patients