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Table 1 Studies on knowledge-based automated radiotherapy treatment plans

From: Approach and assessment of automated stereotactic radiotherapy planning for early stage non-small-cell lung cancer

  Database Site Prediction method Dosimetric parameter predictions Beam angle predictions
Moore [19] 25 IMRT Head-and-neck prostate Analytical formulas Mean doses of esophagus, larynx, parotid gland, bladder and rectum No
Wu [20] 91 IMRT Head-and-neck Minimal dose approximation Dose-volume objectives for head-and-neck organs No
Zhu [21] 198 IMRT Prostate Machine learning DVH of bladder and rectum No
Petit [22] 25 IMRT Pancreas Minimal dose approximation Dose-volume objectives for kidney and liver No
Yang [24] 21 IMRT Prostate Linear regression Rectal dose D15, D20, D25, D35, D50, and bladder dose D15 No
Nwankwo [25] 95 VMAT Prostate Machine learning Uniformity index, D10, D30, D50, D70 and D90 in bladder and rectum No
Wang [26] 80 IMRT Esophagus Machine learning Mean heart dose and mean lung dose No