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Table 3 Parameters of the Intensive Control Insulin–Nutrition–Glucose physiological model (Eqs. 13)

From: 3D kernel-density stochastic model for more personalized glycaemic control: development and in-silico validation

\(p_{G}\) Non-insulin-mediated glucose clearance
\(\alpha_{G}\) Saturation of insulin-mediated glucose uptake
\(EGP\) Endogenous Glucose Production (hepatic)
\(CNS\) Glucose uptake by Central Nervous System
\(V_{G}\) Glucose distribution volume
\(n_{K}\) Kidney clearance of insulin
\(n_{L}\) Liver clearance of insulin
\(\alpha_{I}\) Saturation of hepatic insulin clearance
\(n_{I}\) Insulin diffusion between plasma and interstitium
\(n_{C}\) Cellular degradation of internalised insulin
\(x_{L}\) Fractional first pass hepatic insulin clearance from portal vein
\(V_{I}\) Insulin distribution volume
\(u_{ex} \left( t \right)\) Exogenous insulin
\(u_{en} \left( G \right)\) Endogenous insulin