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Table 5 Different kinetics have to be considered which influence the processing times during tissue decellularization, purification and processing

From: Processing of collagen based biomaterials and the resulting materials properties

Time scale T; T opt (°C) Reaction rate Remark Refs.
pH 3 pH 7 pH 12
Denaturation > TD Seconds Seconds to hours Seconds Depending on the degree of structural organization, crosslinking degree, solvent concentration and additives [181, 480,481,482,483]
Renaturation 0 to ~ 20; 4 to 10 Hours to months Hours to months Hours to months Dependent on the sequence, molecular length and covalent crosslinks [152, 481, 484, 485]
Reassembly/fibrillation 10 to 38; 20 to 35 Minutes to hours Only possible in neutral conditions [186, 190, 191, 486,487,488]
Disassembly < 37; < 5 Seconds Minutes to hours Seconds At pH deviating from the IEP a high swelling is observed which can be assumed as disassembly [343] [189, 191, 487]
Crosslinking reaction   Seconds to hours Seconds to hours Seconds to hours Highly dependent on the kind of reaction [192, 248, 420, 421, 489,490,491]
Diffusion   Hours Minutes to hours Hours See special section