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Table 1 Selected marketed collagen products

From: Processing of collagen based biomaterials and the resulting materials properties

Company Product Raw Material Species CL Additive Form   Sterilisation Indication
Geistlich Biomaterials Biogide Dermis Porcine Membrane 2b Gamma Dental
Zimmerdental Biomend Tendon Bovine GA Membrane 2 Ethylenoxide Dental
Arthrothek CuffPatch SIS Porcine + Hydrated sheet 1   Soft tissue augmentation
Synovis Surgical Baxter Dura-Guard Pericardium Bovine GA Hydrated sheet 1 Aseptic prod Spinal and cranial repaeir
DIZG Epiflex Dermis Human Membrane 1 Aseptic prod Dermis replacement; soft tissue reconstruction
Gelita Medical GelitaSpon Gelatin Bov or porc FA Sponge 3 Gamma Hemostasis
Resorba Gentacoll Tendon Equine Antibiotic Sponge   Ethylenoxide Hemostasis, dental
Medskin solutions Dr. Suwelack Matriderm Dermis Bovine DHT Elastin Membrane 2 Gamma Burns IIb–III; trauma, reconstructive and surgical wounds
Medskin solutions Dr. Suwelack Matristypt Dermis Bovine DHT Membrane 2 Gamma Hemostasis
MBP MB-collagen Dermis Porcine Membrane 2 Gamma Burns IIb–III; trauma, reconstructive and surgical wounds
Cook Biotech Oasis SIS Porcine Membrane 1 Ethylenoxide Burns IIb–III; trauma, reconstructive and surgical wounds
Resorba Parasorb Cone Tendon Equine Sponge 2 Ethylenoxide Hemostasis, dental
Covidien Permacol Dermis Porcine HMDI Membrane 1 Gamma Soft tissue repair
Lifecell Corp. Strattice Dermis Porcine Membrane 1 eBeam Hernia and abdominal wall repair
MBP Surgicoll Dermis Porcine Sponge 2 Gamma Hemostasis
C.R. Bard XenMatrix Dermis Porcine Antibiotic Membrane 1 eBeam Soft tissue and hernia repair
MBP Xenoderm Dermis Porcine Membrane 1 Gamma Soft tissue and hernia repair
MBP Xenoguard Pericardium Porcine Membrane 1 ETO Soft tissue reconstruction
  Zyderm Dermis Bovine Solution 3 Filtration Soft tissue augmentation in plastic surgery
  1. The products differ in structure, crosslinking degree and technology, tissue and species source, and its indication and additives [16, 28,29,30,31]
  2. GA, glutaraldehyde; DHT, dehydrothermal treatment; HMDI, hexamethylendiisocyanate; FA, formaldehyde; 1, intact tissue structure; 2, suspension; 2b, combination of 1 and 2; 3, solution