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Table 1 List of the 13 difference features

From: Serial electrocardiography to detect newly emerging or aggravating cardiac pathology: a deep-learning approach

#Feature Abbreviation Units Description
1 \(\Delta QRSdur\) ms QRS-duration difference
2 \(\Delta QT\) ms QT-interval difference
3 \(\Delta |{\overline{QRSmax}}|\) μV Difference in maximal QRS-vector magnitude
4 \(\Delta |{\overline{Tmax}}|\) μV Difference in maximal T-vector magnitude
5 \(\Delta |{\overline{QRSintg}}|\) mV·ms QRS-integral vector magnitude difference
6 \(\Delta |{\overline{Tintg}}|\) mV·ms T-integral vector magnitude difference
7 \(\Delta QRScmplx\) % QRS-complexity difference
8 \(\Delta Tcmplx\) % T-wave complexity difference
9 \(|\overline{\Delta VG}|\) mV·ms Magnitude of the ventricular-gradient difference vector
10 \(|\Delta SA|\) ° Magnitude of the QRS-T spatial-angle difference
11 \(\Delta HR\) bpm Heart-rate difference
12 \(|\overline{\Delta J}|\) μV Magnitude of J-vector difference vector
13 \(\Delta Tsym\) % T-wave symmetry difference
  1. These 13 features are obtained from the subtraction of the 13 VCG features computed using the BLECG from the corresponding 13 VCG features computed using the FUECG