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Table 1 Related work comparison

From: Semivariogram and Semimadogram functions as descriptors for AMD diagnosis on SD-OCT topographic maps using Support Vector Machine

Work Image representation Preprocessing Features Classifier Volumes Images are publicly available
Liu et al. [4] 2D Image warping Multi-scale spatial pyramid, LBP histogram + PCA Non-linear Support Vector Machine 457 No
Serrano et al. [7] 2D Normalization Haar-Like features and Haralick texture features (curtosis and skewness) Decision Trees 200 No
Albarrak et al. [8] 3D Split Bregman Isotropic Total Variation algorithm and a second order polynomial least-square curve fitting for image flattening Oriented gradient local binary pattern histograms Bayes network 140 No
Zhang et al. [10] 3D Bregman Isotropic Total Variation algorithm with a least squares approach Local binary patterns of three orthogonal planes (LBP-TOP), local phase quantization (LPQ) and multi-scale spatial pyramid (MSSP) Ensemble of one-class kernel principal component analysis (KPCA) models 140 No
Farsiu et al. [5] 3D Segmentation of tree retinal layers Abnormal RPEDC thickness and thinness scores Generalized linear model regression 384 Yes
Srinivasan et al. [9] 3D Denoise with BM3D HOG descriptors Three linear one-class Support Vector Machines 45 Yes
Venhuizen et al. [11] 2D First order vertical Gaussian gradient filter Unsupervised feature learning approach based in patches of images Random forest classifier 384 Yes
Wang et al. [12] 2D Multi-scale linear configuration patterns (LCP) Sequential minimal optimization (SMO) 45 Yes
Sun et al. [13] 2D Retina aligning and crop SIFT descriptors   Three two-class Support Vector Machines (SVM) 45/678 scans Yes/no
Ravenscroft et al. [15] 2D Manual segmentation and labelling of choroid Learnable features by Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) Neural Network 75 No
Fang et al. [16] 3D Patch mean removal PCA features Extreme learning machine (ELM) classifier 45/54 Yes/no
Karri et al. [17] 2D RPE estimation based in intensity and BM3D filter is used for noise reduction Learnable features Convolutional Neural Network (Transfer learning/GoogLeNet) 45 Yes
Lee et al. [18] 2D Learnable features Convolutional Neural Network 100,000 B-scans No
Kermany et al. [19] 2D Learnable features Convolutional Neural Network (Transfer Learning) 207,130 B-scans Yes